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About Our Relocation Services

Well before you move, we meet in your current home to review existing furnishings, identifying those you most want to incorporate into your future home. Based on that meeting and a survey of your new home which follows, we generate 3D drawings using the dimensions of your tables, sofa, chairs, rugs, etc., "placing" them within the new space. This helps you envision everything before you move and serves as an invaluable tool on moving day.

The most common mistake made by those in your position is trying to cram more into the new rooms than they will accommodate. Proof positive are all the storage units overflowing with furniture that never should have made it onto the moving truck!

While planning the layout of your new home, we also make recommendations for needed improvements and/or repairs to the 

bathrooms, kitchen, floors, walls and ceilings. These can include such elements as fresh paint, permanent lighting, decorative grab bars, new countertops and updated cabinetry, achieving the goal of increasing visual appeal while improving function and accessibility.

Perennial Interiors with our team of fully licensed and insured craftspeople will manage your project from inception to completion, eliminating stress and ensuring your home is ready for you on moving day.

Design & Planning for Downsizing & Aging-in-Place

  • Meet to ascertain your needs, style & preferences

  • Survey all furniture, rugs & accessories you would like to move with you

  • Visit your future home to measure all spaces while determining function of those spaces

  • Create 3D drawings reflecting the new home with as many previously identified possessions placed as possible - see examples above

  • Determine changes and/or improvements to be made & begin planning

  • Approve plans & schedule improvements within a reasonable timeframe

  • Manage all aspects of work required ensuring the desired outcome

  • Attend to finishing touches & details

  • Direct the correct placement of furniture on moving day

Drawings generated by Perennial Interiors reflect client's own furnishings in new two bedroom apartment.

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